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Following a successful delivery to your free U,S. shipping address, it can take 2-7 business days. In Ontario, it can take 3-5 business days, and 4-7 for the rest of Canada. For home deliveries, please allow for additional shipping time.

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We have locations across Canada. Check out our locations page to find a location near you, or choose home delivery if you're not near one!

Yes! We accept anything compliant to be imported to Canada, which excludes illegal/prohibited items. Prohibited items vary by country and carrier. Click here to view the CBSA’s list of restricted goods.

The base cost is $6.99/5 lbs, and $3 for every 5lbs after. Please view our pricing page for more information.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) collects duties and taxes on imported goods on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Orders under $40 CAD are duty and tax-free, and orders under $150 CAD are duty-free. You can use the CBSA’s official calculator to determine duties over $150 CAD by clicking HERE

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